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Lisa Copeland

Professional Speaker

Lisa’s extensive knowledge of hiring, training and retaining diverse candidates has positioned her as an expert in sales and management.

Lisa is also the co-founder of Women Impacting the Nation and The Project 19 Foundation, two non-profit organizations that are dedicated to forwarding leadership roles for women. As the creator of, Lisa offers inside information to the female consumer in an effort to empower women as consumers.

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International Women’s day…and the automotive industry

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Engage Staff, Inspire Leaders, Dream Big! Proven and fun ideas to engage employees, improve service, raise performance, be an inspirational coach; and most of all, help you and your staff embrace a success mindset regardless of circumstances. You’ll leave inspired and armed with proven ideas to encourage employees to Dream Big and experience life and work in high definition.
How many companies have had the “paint it pink and she will come” strategy and failed miserably? Learn strategy to authentically capture not only her hard earned dollars, but her loyalty and referrals. Lisa will give you tips and strategies that will take your business to the next level and open doors that were previously shut. The economic power of the “she-economy is truly the economic stimulus package of this Nation.
It Starts With Me! All staff must make the change from order takers to order seekers. Attendees will learn why service is so important, how to acknowledge and green people, how to serve our internal customers, how to recognize cues and approach the customers about our services, and most importantly, how to take responsibility for motivating ourselves.

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