The Big Sell

Creating an Army of Passionate Influencers Who Will Sell You and Your Products to Millions

THE BIG SELL is a 6 step process that puts you and your company on mission, mobilizes your entire organization in service of that mission, and leads to sales—BIG sales.
In THE BIG SELL course, you’ll learn about each of these steps and how to do them successfully, including how to:
  • Build movements instead of campaigns
  • Activate your company and each employee to think bigger
  • Create a narrative of “purpose, not product”
  • Sell your movement
  • Win the hearts and minds of your employees
The way that THE BIG SELL becomes integrated and successful is when implemented through a process and style called FIERCE. FIERCE is the operating style for your organization at every level and when you and everyone operates according to FIERCE, you will have both your mission and the actionable way you can achieve it.
Are you ready to be FIERCE to make The Big Sell?
FIERCE Leadership comes from the heart. It requires talent and guts. FIERCE leaders teach managers how to align daily operations with the company's mission, and they encourage understanding and passion for that mission among all employees.


Sell bigger than you ever could imagine with THE BIG SELL!

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